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4 - 7 november 2010, London (UK)

londonFrom 4 to 5 November 2010, London hosted the third methodological seminar on Russian language learning  for adults within the project "Sputnik".

The meeting was attended by partners from five countries - Spain, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Slovenia and France. Delegations consisted of teachers and learners. Total number of participants was 27.

The workshop program included:

  • A series of lessons for students based on new a method developed by British partners called «Fast Track»;
  • A presentation of the partner from Cyprus;
  • A roundtable to discuss the progress of the project;
  • • A cultural program.

The main objective of the meeting was to summarize the work done during the year and to plan the upcoming year program.

The meeting was opened by Dmitry Antonov, head of the Russian language courses.

At the general meeting, Frank Althaus, on behalf of the project coordinators Antonina and Igor Zhukovsky ( Association « Russia- Aquitaine », Bordeaux, France) presented the first results of the activities of all the partners.

Coordinators congratulated all the partners on the successful passing of the interim report, which was introduced in June to national agencies of the participating countries.

Coauthors Vera Adian and Frank Althaus presented a new textbook for adults.

In the afternoon, the heads of delegations submitted draft methodological products foreseen under the project i.e. manuals, educational film and electronic portal. Their implementation is being tested and the final results will be presented at subsequent meetings in Ljubljana and Barcelona.

The teacher of Russian course Julia Mik organized for students a lesson using the method «Fast Track».

The cultural program of the workshop included introduction to Pushkin's house, visiting the British Museum and the British Parliament.

The seminar ended with a dinner in a warm and friendly atmosphere.